KoolKampot Hotel

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KoolKampot project started in Kampot in a Gueshouse along the river. The layout the owner wanted was simple, without too many options. Channel Manager is hooked to the website to garantee a great experience for the customers and an easy and professional management to the Guesthouse owners.

Pictures still need some update during the next weeks.

Hôtel des Ventes La Régence

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Hôtel des Ventes La Régence is a website for antique and vintage lovers. The website is made with a “e-commerce” shop to allow eventual buyers to place a bid or asked to be called during the event of the public auction.

The website is build to allow the owners enjoying full autonomy of orders and management of the product catalogue.


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Travelphotospirit is the website of 2 photographers traveling around the world to share their passion and their work with communities.

Both Florence and Lorenzo needed a website and a blog to introduce their project and publish posts about photography and travel.

Development ongoing


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VoTTa-official is the website of a DJ settled down in Koh Phangan Island in Thailand. His website is minimal with black and white colors. 

VoTTa needed a website to present himself on the international scene, like a digital business card. His site is connected to many musical platforms.

Development ongoing

Kep Autrement

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Kep Autrement is proposing travel tours around the regions of Kep and Kampot in South Cambodia. The website gives future travellers an idea of the tours with prices and all matters to do in the region. Visual aspect and pictures are the main objectives of this website.


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Allonsvoirailleurs.be is a personal project born in 2012.ite.

The idea of this blog was to share posts and experiences during our travel around the world. The blog has more than 100 posts about destinations, practical information and many other subjects around travelling. 



Roxane asked me to create a logo for her new activity. Her business will be to prepare sweet and salted food products to be delivered in her region. Roxane wanted a simple, clear and colorful logo.

VIP Travel Service


VIP Travel Service is a belgian company providing VIP transportation to people between home and airports, train stations or hotels.

For their logo, the purpose was to keep black and orange colors and present the logo in a minimal picture by keeping the VIP aspect.

Bamboo Café and Kep Language Academy

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Bamboo Café and Kep Language Academy are a project of 2 people living in Kep, Cambodia. They provide vegan food in a place where teachers and students can learn English and many more.

For their logo, the purpose was to illustrate the vegan aspect for the Bamboo Café, the strength of learning for the academy and both in the purple house, name of their common project!

Evolve Wholefoods


Evolve Wholefoods is the project of an australian lady here in Cambodia. Making and selling natural products is her objective, so she wanted the natural and ground to be present in her logo.


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Geekomedia is our personal project started in Cambodia in June 2016.

For this website, I have chosen an original layout with a split in 2 columns when scrolling down. I also made the logo and some business cards.