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With Geekomedia, as a nomad digital around the world, I create tailored websites for businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

Hiring a Freelance Webmaster means you get to work one-on-one and collaboratively with the person who is actually designing your website. One person, one contact ! This helps to ensure your site is right on the money, right from the start, with the total flexibility to make any changes you need any time you like.  

With Wordpress as CMS (Content Management System), I can offer you the layout or theme you like with all kinds of customization. Your site can be accessed effortlessly by any device, anytime – Check our Portfolio here

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Concept Design

Concept Design

  • Contact in person or by phone/Skype
  • Understand your needs
  • Presentation of concept
  • Quote of the project
  • Review and sign off
Website Build

Website Build

  • Hosting domain & website
  • Regular feedback when development started
  • Customization and changes possible the way you like
Website Review

Website Review

  • Final feedback and validation 
  • Coaching on site administration (Wordpress)
  • Speed optimization
  • SEO review
  • Launch
Website offer

Website offer

  • 1 to 5 weeks delivery
  • Affordable prices
  • Support after launch
  • Many options available (maintenance, multilingual, newsletter setup, community management, etc.)

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Maintenance Packages


Besides Web Design services, Geekomedia can help you to create your customized logo, flyers or business cards. Geekomedia can assist you to edit .pdf files, build professional presentations, excel spreadsheets and many more.

Do you want to create an amazing movie with hundreds of pictures and videos? Geekomedia is the solution to offer a nice, professional or funny movie to your friends, family or colleagues.

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Digital Services

Flyers & Business Cards

Flyers & Business Cards







Photo & Video

Photo & Video


1466762077_Location 29Have you ever been in the situation where you are fed up with your computer because it does not work the way it is supposed to and you can’t fix it?

How many times did you want to give up on it? What if today, someone could help you? Someone with patience, who is good at teaching and ready to show you the small things that will make the difference to ease your daily computer experience.

With only a few hours, I can coach you on basic computer skills and/or applications (Mac OS X and Windows). 

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1466768318_OFFice-04When you think about media, you think about communication!  But have you ever thought about the impact on your customers  if you start communicating on your business with many unidentified weaknesses?

Making your website or  selling your brand by any digital media cannot be done unless you have a business fully ready from the start.

With 15 years experience in Management, I can help you to audit your business and give recommandation to transform it into a success. A third eye with objective criticism might be the key to change your communication perspective.

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Behind Geekomedia

My name is Pierre, a Belgian citizen living in Cambodia. My web experience started 4 years ago just before a 1 year travelling around the world. From blogging to passion, I self-developed digital skills until I realized I could help others and start the job that I love from anywhere in the world.

Curious, helpful, dynamic and keen to learn, my mission is to establish a trusty and long-term relationship with customers by offering them efficient, performant and professional digital tools in order to improve their communication, grow their businesses and make more profit. 

By beeing personally involved in every project, we can build together many successes.

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